It is widely believed that art finds its origins in the vibrant landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. Our overarching objective is to excel as a preeminent institution in the realm of art, not only within Himachal Pradesh and India but also on the global stage. We aspire to offer an expansive spectrum of art and culture that serves as a platform for aspiring artists, making every artist’s dream of working in Himachal Pradesh a reality.

Our ultimate aspiration is to establish Himachal Pradesh as the world’s foremost hub for film production and music, setting the highest standards of excellence in these creative domains.”


The establishment of Himachal Film Cinema is driven by a profound mission: to propagate and celebrate the rich tapestry of folk culture and art that thrives within the heart of Himachal Pradesh.

Our steadfast commitment extends to advocating for Himachal Pradesh to attain constitutional recognition of its own distinct language, alongside the formulation of a comprehensive policy for the safeguarding of its cinematic, artistic, and cultural treasures. We envision a future where the region becomes a prolific centre for film production, providing every artist with the opportunity to showcase their talent. Our goal is to eliminate the need for artists to seek opportunities beyond our borders in pursuit of their livelihoods and success in the field of art and culture.”

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