Founder & ChairmAn

Through Himachal Film Cinema, our aim is to bring the talent of Himachal in front of the country and the world. It’s my hobby to work in the field of art. But when I professionally started my work in 2005-2007, I realize that there is no platform for such a layman like me.
No one like me who is financially weak can use their talent. I met some incidents in my life which gave me an idea to develop these facilities for new comers in the field of art and culture in Himachal Pradesh. Then the foundation of this dream laid in 2015. Leaving all my work, I dedicated myself to this work and in 2016 Himachal film cinema was established.
Since the work is going on to get the status of Himachal Pradesh own language in the constitution and to create a film and culture fund.

Himachal Film Cinema
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