The ‘Mhara Himachal’ song was the dream of Late Sh. Harish Sharma, a member of Himachal Film Cinema. But God had something else approved, he died suddenly on 10 July 2019 and he left us all and left and this dream remained incomplete. Then in 2020 due to Corona, the song stopped but it was shot in the month of September, it was shot in Shimla, Sirmaur and Solan districts. Although there was a lot of sadness at this time, whose dream was of this song, he was not with us today but we were happy somewhere that we are fulfilling the dream of our partner and this song was broadcast on our youtube channel. In this song Himachal has been presented on various aspects, in which we have displayed the culture of Himachal and the beauty of nature here. Our song is dedicated to Late Sh. Harish and entire Himachal. In future also, it will be our endeavor that while continuing this campaign, we should make other series of ‘Mhara Himachal’ for the people of Himachal.



Directed By :

Thakur KC Parihar

Produced By:

Thakur KC Parihar

Director of Photography:

Vicky Vikram & Rinku




Dev Negi


Naveen Haldoovi

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